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 To be a community that shares the common passions of pets and the jeep/off-road lifestyle.


To support our community through activism, fund raising, and awareness campaigns, the Slobber Squad Safety Promise in particular, to educate the public on safety issues related to outdoor and vehicle pet safety. 


To build a strong membership base to cultivate friendships and enhance our relationships with our pets and community.

All Dogs. All Jeeps. All People

What we aim to do as a "Squad"

All Dogs. All Jeeps. All People.

This is more than just a motto. This is a club for all breeds of dogs, for all models of jeeps, and for all people. No discrimination, be kind, be supportive, be the type of person your dog believes you are, as they say. 

Education: We aim to spread the word on pet safety and equipment. To encourage the same level of commitment to safety for our pets, that we apply to wheeling and other offroad activities. To share the latest and greatest products to help our community make great choices for pet gear 

Events: We aim to attend events in our region, to spread the word on pet safety, to encourage dialogue on the needs of our pets when "offroad", and to make available, equipment and gear to help people keep their pets safe. 

Headquarters:  Milk and Honey Paw Spa in Dickson, TN is our current "HQ". Having a designated spot for safety gear pick up and donation drops off will help ensure we can respond in the most streamlined way possible.

Safety Gear: We aim to have basic safety gear available for purchase (safety items being supplied by Milk and Honey Paw Spa boutique) at events and meet ups such as seatbelt connectors, cooling towels, and other basic tools to help ensure safety and comfort during outings. 

Make new friends: Ultimately we believe we are better together. These days so many people feel isolated, making friends seems harder than its ever been. We hope though the common love of dogs and jeeps we will always have common ground with one another. 


Squad Headquarters

Squad HQ is located in historic downtown Dickson, within the award winning Milk and Honey Paw Spa. Their boutique will offer many of the safety products we bring to events, as well as other fun items and treats for your pup.  We aim to have seat belt buckle restraints, in stock year round. 

When we are called on to help with community response to emergencies or needs, this will be the central drop off location as well. 

117 North Main Street

Dickson, TN 37055

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Connect online to keep up to date on events, community needs, new products and information. 

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